Record released on 2003-02-22 at 11:21 a.m.

A few basic facts about me:

Name: You can call me X :)

Location: Non-Sunny Surrey

Occupation: I'm an artist (though some might call me a piss artist :)) currently designing tattoos for others to adorn their bodies with. I also work two days a week as office administrator for a charity which is proving to be both fun and interesting

Marital Status: Engaged to the gorgeous Y - with whom I discuss all the beautiful girls who catch our eye ;)

Catchphrases: "Wah!", "Nasty surprise"

Interests: Drawing, writing, coming up with evil plans to send people I like nasty presents, dyeing my hair, getting tattoos

Favourite Food & Drink: I could happily live on cheese, crisps, crumpets (hence the diary name!), pasta, milk and red wine :)

Musical Taste: Diverse :) Hazel O'Connor, The Cure, The Smiths, Kirsty MacColl, Prefab Sprout, World Of My Oyster, Alison Moyet, The Pretenders, Kate Bush, Pink, Roxy Music, Squeeze.... see what I mean?

Favourite Films: Breaking Glass, Earth Girls are Easy, Revenge of the Nerds, Electric Dreams, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Heavenly Creatures

Favourite TV Programmes: I always used to have a TV obsession, but sadly the poor quality of TV these days means that I don't seem to have one at the moment. Damn shame :( It seems these days the only programmes I never miss are Robot Wars and the Tweenies :) But for quality entertainment you can't beat shopping channels!

Favourite Girls: far too many to mention, but the very top ones include Jaye Griffiths (my personal goddess), Gillian Anderson, Pink, Geri Halliwell, Halle Berry, Kelly Osbourne and many others.

Party Trick: The high pain threshold I have developed through being unwell means that I can take severe chinese burns without flinching. I can also withstand hand crushing, and enjoy making people scream with a vice-like grip of my own. Apparently all my strength is in my hands!

What's On: Ugh.... the Chuckle brothers! It's not my fault, I just forgot to change the channel!

Next: Changing the channel, I hope!

Quote of the Moment:

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Fantastic Double CD Includes Tracks:

1. Latest
2. Archives
3. Links
4. Rings
5. Profile
6. Biography
7. Googles
8. Health
9. Sexuality
10. LiveJournal
11. Dream Diary
12. Private
13. Surveys
14. Rings I Run
15. Tattoos
16. Wishlist

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CD 2 Includes the Following Remixes:

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All lyrics ramblings Little Miss X, with painkillers on backing vocals, 'toises on drums and Izzles on the musical toilet rolls. And if you would like to know more about the music *I* enjoy, see my playlist. Best viewed in 800x600 and with a pair of eyes and a sense of humour.With thanks to Diaryland.


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