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Record released on 2003-03-22 at 10:59 a.m.

A certain fiance of mine and I were discussing girls lacking diaryrings who really needed them, and decided that I would make it my mission to open diaryrings for my favourites of the moment who are strangely lacking in the diaryring department. So here they are.... watch this page for additions as time goes on....

Geri Halliwell

You can see from my layout and from that on my old diary that Geri's been one of my favourite girls for many years. When I first saw the video to Wannabe way back when I was 16 in a long, hot summer, I decided that I was going to choose my favourite Spice Girl there and then, the one I'd always fancy more than any of the others.

The gorgeous, ginger, curvy one caught my eye.

And the rest is history. I don't know why Geri gets so much stick. She's always been gorgeous. She's not too fat or too thin. She's curvy, she's wild and she deserves a diaryring of her very own :)

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Asia Argento

On Y's recommendation, I watched a film called B Monkey after being reliably informed that there was an absolutely gorgeous girl called Asia Argento in it - and boy, there was. She is beautiful from head to toe, and as an actress she was pretty fantastic too. She instantly gained promotion to my top ten :) If you also adore her, then this diaryring is for you!

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What's On: Dick being sick on Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow :/

Next: A proper entry :)

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