Record released on 2004-08-16 at 10:03 p.m.

I want to write here again. I want to write long, rambling entries where I try to translate the mediocre events of the day into the potentially comedic events that I see them as. I want to be able to express the way that I'm feeling without feeling as though I must keep them to a couple of paragraphs.

I love LiveJournal and when I'm tired and drained the style of writing short entries suits me so well. But sometimes I want to write pages about the way things are going, the people in my life, the way I feel so blessed to have the people that matter in my life. Recently I've been writing fiction again, and I've been pouring all my creative energies into that. But now I've become more at ease once again with putting my words onto a page, I want to return to the place that I have spent so much energy and time in the past.

I've not been away completely. I've kept up with a lot of my buddy list, but I've not had the drive to keep writing, until now. So many things have changed around me, and all for the better. It's a bit like starting again, I suppose. Quite exciting in a way.

I have so many words to write.

I'll be back.

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